Best Cold Press Juicer: Top 5 Slow Juicers in India

Juices have become an integral part of any healthy diet. Drinking any juice is not sufficient. You need the best juice, that you can get from any fruit or vegetable. And, home made cold pressed juice is the best you can get. You need a juicer machine, that preserves vitamins, minerals and most importantly, enzymes in the juice ingredients. A normal juice mixer, using centrifugal technology, rotates very fast. While doing so, heat builds up inside the jar and destroys the most vital ingredients of fruits and vegetables. Over the years, various other technologies have been trying to improve the quality of the juices. Cold press juicer preserves enzymes that are destroyed by normal juicer machines. In fact, the modern cold press juicers use second or third generation of cold press juicing technology. This guide will help you choose the best cold press juicer for your requirement.

Cold Pressed Juice

Why there is so much talk about cold pressed juice? A juice is best served immediately after it is extracted. Raw, unprocessed juice contains live enzymes, vitamins, probiotics and other nutrients. Even if you keep the juice in a refrigerator, some of these constituents may not live for many days. In fact,  one should not use unprocessed juice older than a couple of days.

Cold press juicer machines use a technology similar to lemon squeezer, which we all are familiar with. However, lemon squeezers are limited to citrus fruits and cannot be used to extract juice from other fruits like mango, apple, etc. and vegetables. The traditional method to extract juices from such fruits and vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, is to use a centrifugal juicer. The centrifugal juicer with its sharp blades and fast rotations would extract juice from cut fruits and vegetables.

Problems with Traditional Juicing Methods

While extracting juice, heat build up inside the jar. And, fast rotation of the blades makes things worse. The heat builds up and fast rotation of the blade causes production of lot of foam. In addition, many of the living enzymes and probiotics die during this processing. And, it is not just limited to heating, the fast rotation also paves way to fast oxidization of the juice as well. Cold press juicers avoid such a situation. Foam, as such is not bad. Certain fruits produce foam even if you use a slow cold press juicer.

Extending Shelf Life of Juices

Most commercially available juices have a longer shelf life. In most cases, pasteurisation extends the shelf life. There are multiple methods of pasteurisation. To extend the life of juices, companies normally employ High Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP). In this method, the bottled raw juice is subjected to very high pressure. The extreme pressure kills most living organisms in the juice, whether they are good or bad. It is in this context, that I recommended home made cold pressed juice.

But what is the deal with cold pressing? We will take a look at that in the next section.

Cold Press Juicer

Cold press juicers (masticating juicers or slow juicers), as the name indicates, are specifically made for juicing of both fleshy fruits and leafy vegetables. In fact, you can say that they are oriented towards making juice from vegetables (including leafy vegetables). Cold press juicers are characterised by use of an auger in place of blades. Secondly, their speed of rotation is significantly lower than that of centrifugal mixers. While traditional mixer juicers operate at more than 1,000 rpm, second generation cold press juicers operate at a speed close to 45 rpm.

There are two types of cold press juicers – horizontal and vertical. Horizontal juicers were invented in 90’s and vertical juicers were invented in 2007. Both the inventions were made by a company named Dongah Ind Co., Ltd. The same company owns Hurom brand of juicers. Omega brand of juicers are also manufactured by the same company, but marketed by a different company. Although the facilities used by the companies are same, their models and customer service are different.

How To Choose The Best Cold Press Juicer

Selecting a cold press juicer is not an easy task. There are various factors to look at when you choose a cold press juicer. In each of the following sections, we will take a detailed look at various factors.

Vertical or Horizontal

First, you need to decide whether you want to buy a horizontal or vertical juicer. The vertical juicers have the latest technology, and combines some aspects of centrifugal juicers into their functioning, producing better yield in comparison to the horizontal ones. However, they are priced higher. Vertical juicers produce more cold pressed juice.

Juice Yield

Juice yield is one of the most important factor, if not the single important factor, to consider before selecting a juicer. Generally, the more the yield, the better. One thing you should note when comparing the juice output is to consider the pulp produced by the juicer. The foam and pulp in the juice may deceive you into thinking that some juicers are better than others. This is not true. You can compare juicers only when you put the same amount of fruits and vegetables in the juicer, and after each of them have completed the juicing process. Then the entire pulp and foam needs to be filtered out. In case of efficient juicers, the pulp will be dry.

Type of Juice

What type of cold pressed juice are you intending to make is yet another important aspect. In fact, if you do not plan to use leafy vegetables and use only fleshy fruits, then probably you do not need a slow juicer in the firs place. Centrifugal juicers can extract juice from fleshy fruits with ease. The additional expenditure in buying a cold press juicer may not be justified in those cases.

However, if you plan to use juicing on a serious note, then cold press juicer is the best. There are people who consume juice as their only diet during breakfast or dinner. For such people, a cold press juicer is the best. Not only do you get fresh juice but also, they supplement your diet with additional enzymes and probiotics.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is, sometimes wrongly, associated with cutting vegetables and putting them in feeder. No doubt, there is some ease in doing that. However, using only that as a measurement of ease of use is wrong. Ease of use include ease of cleaning and ease of removing the pulp, etc.

Ease of cleaning requires a little more explanation. Some of the cold press juicers make it fairly difficult to clean things after juicing process. The difficulty arises from the design aspect of the juicer and not the cold press technology as such.

Some juicers allow you to control the amount of pulp in the juice. That would help you to get the best juice suited for different family members. Children, for example, often like juice without much fibre content. Selecting a juicer which can control the fibre content helps you address those situations.


Price is something which is very important, for some people. You cannot expect a cold press juicer to come very cheap. There could be imitations of well known brand by some unknown companies. However, if you are looking to buy quality products, then you should open your wallet. Yet, you should not always choose the expensive product, thinking that it is the best. Quality should be given more importance than price, in my humble opinion.


Warranty is critical. Know the warranty terms and coverage. There are companies which offer longer warranty on the entire unit, while some companies offer longer warranty only on the motor, although it is a moving part. You need to be careful while choosing between those. The chances of motor failure for a reliable brand is minimal. However, the juicer jar and other parts may also fail.

In addition to counting the number of years of warranty offered by the company, you should be carefully evaluating the service center locations available as well. Having a service center at a nearest location is always beneficial. Above all, it gives a level of comfort and peace of mind.


There are not many world wide well known and reliable manufacturers for cold press juicers. Omega, Hurom, Tribest, Breville, Kuvings, etc. are few names that come to my mind. In addition to these manufacturers, you can see many other companies selling cold press juicers. As I have mentioned earlier, Hurom and Omega brands are manufactured by the same company, but marketed by different companies. The companies I have named, have existed in the market for a long period.

And, I must mention that many of the companies I named, do not sell their products directly in India. I would avoid such companies, even if their products are the best, due to support related issues. How would you contact am American manufacturer? And, how about spares?

It is important to buy from companies that will not stop this line of business one fine morning, stranding you with an unsupported juicer! This is applicable to both small and large companies. Some companies, with large portfolio of similar products may try to enter the market looking at the price tag. If their business becomes nonviable, then they would discontinue such a line of business. I would always buy product of a company whose core business is manufacturing juicers.

Size & Weight

The size and weight of the juicer matters. You will not keep the juicer on your kitchen table 24×7. You would only take it when you juice, even when you use it on a daily basis. Hence, it becomes sensible to buy a juicer that takes less space and weighs less, while delivering superior performance.

Feed Tube

The feed tube of the cold press juicer may be either wide or narrow. Some people project the wide feed tube as an advantage, because you can put larger pieces of vegetables. However, I do not see it as an advantage. Whether the juicer you use has a wide feed tube or narrow feed tube, it is important to cut the vegetable and fruit pieces and put them in the feeder. In either case, do not push the items down the feeder. The juicer would normally take the items in the feeder and process it. Slightly push the items, only if they get stuck.

 Power Requirements

Power requirement for the juicer matters. The motor should not be using too much power. At the same time, it should have enough power to produce the best juice. The power requirement for slow cold press juicers are small compared to general purpose centrifugal juicers. General purpose juicers have power rating of more than 700 Watts. Second generation vertical cold press juicers need as little as 150 Watts of power. The difference in power requirement is due to various factors, including the construction of the motor.


You want your investment to last as long as possible. Warranty can help you to get replacements. However, quality of the components and good design will help you keep the juicer in working condition for long periods. The companies need to invest huge amount of money to make products, that last longer. Smaller companies and companies looking to make quick buck, do not spend much effort into improving the product. The reasons explained in the Manufacturer section applies here as well.

Country of Origin

Look at the products manufactured in South Korea. The company which invented vertical cold press juicer is based out of Korea. Although, I do not assign much weight to the country of origin, some people who want to get the best product out there looks for products made in home country. This is not to say that products made in US or India are inferior. I am just highlighting the fact that the patent holder for this product is a Korean Company.

Best Cold Press Juicer in India

In the coming sections, I take a look at the best cold press juicers available in India. The evaluation criteria is what I have mentioned above. I would limit the options to five, to save you from information overflow and thus confusing you.

Panasonic Cold Press Juicer

Panasonic, currently markets just one cold press juicer in India. Let us take a look at that.

Panasonic MJ-L500
Package Contents
  • Panasonic MJ-L500 Slow Juicer
  • Frozen Attachment
  • Juice Container
  • Pulp Container
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

Panasonic MJ-L500 model is meant for home use only. This is one of the best compact models in the market and, is outstanding in that aspect. The construction is solid and sturdy. The model works at 45 rpm. One of the notable features of this model is the presence of a separate frozen attachment. The frozen attachment helps you juice the cold fruits and make better tasting fresh desserts like sorbets. The product is easy to clean as well.

Panasonic is an established brand in India. There are service centers available across the country. The product offers one year warranty on the entire unit and five year warranty on the motor.

Hurom Cold Press Juicer

Hurom, is a world renowned brand. They invented cold press juicers, in this form. Made in Korea, their products are of superior quality and reliable. They have sold more than 10 million juicers, around the world. Hurom released their third generation vertical cold press juicer in the year 2016. However, that this still not available in India. In the mean time, let us take a look at their second generation cold press juicers available in India.

Hurom markets three series of juicers in India. Most of their second generation models available in India does not have much difference among each other. In fact, the technology used is same. However, there is difference in the aesthetics, weight and dimensions of the juicers. Of course, the lighter ones are expensive. Hurom does not recommend using frozen fruits inside the juicer. In addition, the company wans its users that frozen fruits may even damage the unit.

All Hurom models currently marketed in India are imported from South Korea. Hence, the prices are on a higher side.

All models of Hurom cold press juicer are dish washer safe. There is an option to control the pulp content in the juice, which is a missing feature in many cheaper models from other manufacturers. The auger of the cold press juicer is made of ULTEM material, producing best quality cold pressed juice. The company claims that this material is heavy duty and offers best extraction of juice from the fruits and vegetables. The strainer is made of stainless steel and the containers are made of BPA free plastic. The juice container conveniently fits into the pulp container, saving space while you store the juicer in your kitchen. The juice chamber of all the models have a capacity of 500ml.

Hurom HL Series

HL Series of slow juicers are new to Indian market. Hurom introduced HL series in 2016, in India. From what I can make out, they have withdrawn HH Elite Series of slow juicers from India.

Package Contents
  • Slow Juicer
  • Motor body
  • Drum
  • Juice Container
  • Pulp Container
  • Hopper
  • Pusher
  • Cleaning and spinning brush
  •  Coarse and fine strainer
  • Auger
  • Hurom Dryer
  • Hopper Cover
  • Recipe book
  • User Manual

The company claims that the juicer is safer to operate even by children. A narrow feeder tube ensures that fingers of children does not go inside accidentally. However, that mandates that adults have to cut vegetables into small pieces and put in the feeder.

The juicer weighs 6.2 kg and comes in Noble Silver colour. The juice container has a capacity of 1000ml. And, not to forget that the juicer carries two years warranty on the entire unit and 10 years warranty on the motor. The company has service centers in most states and the list is available in the website of the manufacturer. It is worth pointing out that this is the cheapest juicer marketed by Hurom in India.

Hurom HN Series

HN Series of products are Huroms middle range offering in India. As noted earlier, the juicer does not have much difference in technological areas from other models.

Package Contents
  • Slow Juicer
  • Motor body
  • Drum
  • Juice Container
  • Pulp Container
  • Hopper
  • Pusher
  • Cleaning and spinning brush
  •  Coarse and fine strainer
  • Auger
  • Hurom Dryer
  • Hopper Cover
  • Recipe book
  • User Manual

The juicer is available in dark red colour only. The machine weighs a little less than HL series at 6.1 kg. The motor operates at 43 rpm. Almost all other technical specifications are identical to the HL Series. Being a middle range offering, this juicer is expensive than its HL series counterpart.

Hurom HT Series

HT Series the top end model offered by Hurom in India. This series features easy to clean option, in case you make multiple juices in a single session. The cleaning process does not require you to separate the parts between each use.

Package Contents
  • Slow Juicer
  • Motor body
  • Drum
  • Juice Container
  • Pulp Container
  • Hopper
  • Pusher
  • Cleaning and spinning brush
  •  Coarse and fine strainer
  • Auger
  • Hurom Dryer
  • Hopper Cover
  • Recipe book
  • User Manual

The model comes in two colours – Silver and Gold. This is the lightest offering in India at 5.6 kg. All other technical specifications are similar to other two models. And, this is the most expensive model from Hurom, available in India.

Check price on Amazon

Usha Cold Press Juicer

Usha brand of products does not need an introduction in India. They make a lot of household appliances and is familiar to everyone. Usha makes cold press juicers as well. Let us take a look at one of their popular model – Nutripress CPJ362F.

Usha Nutripress CPJ362F

The first thing, I notice about this model is the speed of the motor. The motor works at 65 rpm. It is a middle ground between Hurom’s original first generation cold press juicers, which operated at 80 rpm and second generation cold press juicers which operate at 43 rpm. One cannot stop comparing a cold press juicer to the standards set by well known brands.

Package Contents
  • Main Unit
  • Hopper / feeding tube
  • Auger
  • Pusher
  • Juicing bowl
  • Spinning brush and cleaning brush
  • Pulp Container
  • Juice Container
  • Fine filter
  • Coarse filter
  • Frozen dessert filter
  • Recipe book
  • User Manual

When you compare the model with other offerings, there are few things that stand out. First, this is not a copycat model made by Usha International. Secondly, the product differs in multiple areas with other competitive products available in the market. Let us take a look at those.

The motor takes up 240 W for its operation compared to 150 W. The feeder tube is wide and has a diameter of 75mm. In addition to the fine and coarse filter, the cold press juicer also comes with a frozen dessert filter. This is useful to people who make frozen fruit recipes. The unit carries two years warranty on the entire set and five years warranty on the juicer.

Check the price on Flipkart

Usha markets another cheaper model as well. Check out .

Hestia Cold Press Juicer

Hestia markets just one cold press juicer in India. The cold press juicer is similar to Usha model which we discussed earlier, in many aspects. Let us take a detailed look at the offering.

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer

Hestia is not a familiar name, at least to me. However, they have a solid offering in the form of Nutri-Max cold press juicer. Nutri-Max model comes in wine red color. The motor in the product works at 60 rpm. Since this model is more close to the offering by Usha International, I would compare it to Nutripress model we took a look at.

Package Contents
  • Cold Press Juicer
  • Hopper
  • Pusher
  • Juicing screw
  • Juicing bowl
  • Juice strainer
  • Smoothie strainer
  • Frozen fruit strainer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Rotation wiper
  • Cups – 2 Nos
  • User manual

As I mentioned earlier, the product looks more close to Usha’s offering. This model too takes up 240 W for its operation. The cold press juicer set weighs 7.3 kg. The feeder tube is also wide at 75mm.

The company claims that the auger is bigger at 46 mm compared to 41 mm offered by the competition. In addition, the company also claims that it uses ULTEM for manufacturing auger, stainless steel for strainers and BPA free plastic for the container cups. However, I find no merit in the claim that a larger auger produces more juice. The juice output is controlled, not just by the size. There are various other factors as well. The shape and design of the auger also has important role in the output.

Hestia Nutri-Max Cold Press Juicer comes with a one year warranty for the entire unit and five year warranty for the motor. If you register the product within a week of purchase, you get one month free extended warranty on the product.

Best Commercial Juicer in India

A cold press juicer, used in a commercial environment should work for a longer period of time, compared to one used at home. The juicers used in home environments are rated not to work more than 20 to 30 minutes continuously. If you use a slow juicer meant for home purpose in a commercial environment, it will lead to unusual wear and tear of the juicer. Only Kuvings offer a commercial juicer in India. They offer two models. Both are well built and meant for long term use. You can’t go wrong with either. Choose one according to your budget. I will review these two models separately.

Kuvings Commercial Pro Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer Silver (CS520)

Kuvings CS600 Chef Commercial Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer


When it comes to cold pressed juice, the benefits are huge. To get real benefits of the cold pressed juice, one must drink the juice immediately after the preparation. Hence, it becomes clear that making cold press juice at home is the best option. Another thing to note is that, one must use leafy vegetables along with fleshy fruits, while preparing the juice. In case you do not plan to use leafy vegetables, it is better to skip the plan to buy a cold press juicer; buy a good centrifugal juice instead.

Coming to the selection of cold press juicers, it is clear that the juicers are expensive. However, there are juicers available in a wide range of budgets. However, you must take care to ensure that you buy the product with best quality. These juicers are not a piece of hardware you change everyday. You can use a good juicer for a long time, if you take care of the unit properly. Personally, I would suggest getting a Hurom cold press juicer if your budget allows you. Some of the products from international manufacturers are either not available in India or are prohibitively expensive. I do not see any benefit in buying an expensive product for use in India, when the manufacturer is not present in India.

Tenda Modem Router D303 ADSL 2+ Review

Tenda is a leading networking supplier of networking devices, based out of China. They have entered Indian market in recent years. My TP-Link modem recently stopped working, after serving me for over four years. Before buying Tenda modem router, TE-D303, I evaluated a number of other modems in the market. Finally I chose this ADSL modem router. In the coming sections, I will elaborate my reasoning for choosing this particular model as well.

Tenda Modem Router D303 Review

Before we take a detailed look at the product, let us take look at the features of the Tenda D303 ADSL modem WiFi router.


  • All-In-One device
    • ADSL Modem
    • WiFi Router
    • Ethernet Connectivity
    • 3G USB Modem Support
    • USB Storage / Print Server
  • 2.4 GHz Wireless N, speed up to 300 Mbps
  • Lightning protection
  • IPv6 Ready
  • IPTV Ready with QoS support
  • Three Year Limited Replacement Warranty

Package Contents

  • Tenda D303 – 1 No
  • Power Adapter – 1 No
  • Resource CD-ROM – 1 No
  • Quick Installation Guide – 1 No
  • Ethernet Cable – 1 No
  • Phone Cords – 2 Nos
  • ADSL Splitter – 1 No


The ADSL modem is well built. The body uses plastic. TE-D303 comes in only in white colour. The top side of the modem has no air vents. This is a noticeable departure from the style used by other vendors like TP-Link, D-Link, etc. One advantage I see with this flat, smooth top surface is the ability to block dust particles, which accumulate on top of the device over a period of time. It is easy to clean the top of the modem router with a dry cloth, when some dust settles over it. The top also has a number of LEDs. The LEDs are small and the fonts used to mark the LEDs are even smaller, making it a bit difficult to read. However, looks at the LED lights only when there is a problem. Hence, I do not think that this is a major concern.

The back of the Tenda modem router houses two antennas and all the ports for external connectivity. Antennas, two of them, are not detachable. They can, however, be turned and rotated. It allows both sideways movement and back and forth movement. My earlier modem router, TP-Link TD-W8951ND, had removable antenna. Removable antenna did not serve any purpose. I tried connecting a bigger antenna, which did not produce any meaningful increase in the signal strength. The back of the modem router features one RJ11 port, four RJ45 Ethernet ports, one USB port, a reset button, power connection, and a power button.

The bottom side of the router has air vents. It is full of air holes designed specifically to minimize the heat buildup inside and dust accumulation. The left and right sides of the ADSL modem router also has air vents. The air vents on the sides have a different shape than that on the bottom. Overall, I am very happy with the build of the Tenda modem router.

Usage As BSNL ADSL Modem

I use a BSNL connection at home. So, the requirement of ADSL modem was particularly important. There is no FTTH connectivity available at my location.

Connection Setup

The connection setup is easy. I connected the phone cable to RJ11 Jack. On the modem, the port is marked as DSL. It is the first port from the left, on the back side of the modem router. Once you connect the cable, you can proceed with the power on. It takes a bit more time for this router to power up than my earlier modem. When the DSL LED blinks and stays firm, you can connect to the modem through either WiFi or Ethernet cable. I choose connection via Ethernet cable. The modem includes a built-in DHCP server, that allocates an IP Address to each connected device.

You can login to the administrative interface through the web browser. You should open your browser and point type in in the address bar to connect to the modem. In case you prefer, you may also connect to the login page over HTTPS. A page asking for your ISP credentials comes up. This is by far, the best initial configuration page I have seen in an ADSL Modem. The layout of the page is simple, and it asks you only minimal information to connect you to the Internet.

You need to select the Link Type, Connection Type, Country and ISP. When you select country and ISP correctly, the VPI/VCI information is automatically populated. You may also override the values by selecting “Other” ISP from the dropdown menu. If the connection parameters are correct, then you should be connected to the Internet. The right most LED on the modem blinks when connected to the Internet.

Using As WiFi Modem

In case your ISP is delivering connection over RJ-45 Ethernet (not cable), you may use this modem as well. This is useful for people who want to switch over from one technology to another, while moving their residence. In some urban areas, one area may be covered by ADSL connectivity, while some others may not be. In such cases, you would be forced to buy another modem either yourself or through ISP.

This modem router saves you from such headaches. You can configure the first Ethernet port as a WAN port. Just select Ethernet in the connection settings and fill in the remaining parameters according to your ISP recommendation. You should be connected to the Internet.

Please note that the Ethernet ports on this Tenda modem router supports only 10/100 Mbps Connectivity and not 1 Gigabit as offered by some expensive models. The WiFi, however, supports up to 300 Mbps connectivity.

Signal Strength & Range

One of the most important aspects which we should consider before buying a router is the WiFi signal strength of the modem router. The modem supports 802.11n standard, and works in 2.4 GHz range. To test the effectiveness of the router, and measure the signal strength, I used an open source Android application – WiFiAnalyzer. The application displays the following data for each Access Point (AP):

  1. Access Point Name
  2. MAC Address of the AP
  3. Signal Strength in dBm
  4. Channel
  5. Frequency of the channel
  6. Approximate Distance of the AP
  7. Manufacturer
  8. Channel Encryption

The distance displayed by the app is often incorrect, while in some cases it is a good approximation. In essence, you cannot rely on that measurement alone. The signal strength is satisfactory, given that many of the measurements are made behind cemented walls. Cemented walls absorb a good amount of signals.

Other Significant Features

There a few other features which deserve a mention. However, those features are not essential for the functioning of the WiFi modem.

IPv6 Support

I wanted a modem that supports IPv6. BSNL does not support IPv6 now. I do not even think that IPv6 support is going to come in the next one year. However, IPv6 is the future. The number of IPv4 addresses are decreasing. It is just a matter of Google preferring IPv6 enabled connections, that most webmasters will move to IPv6.

In this particular case, the modem supports IPv6 connections on both LAN and WAN. The LAN side has support for DHCP v6 as well.

Printer Sharing

This was one of the features I badly wanted in my router. I have an HP Deskjet 1050 with me. The list of printers supported does not have that printer listed. However, I tried adding the printer. However, it did not work. My computer could find the printer, but printing test pages failed. I need to troubleshoot this. I will update the post, once I get the printer working.

3G Modem

The modem supports WAN connectivity through a 3G Modem as well. The ADSL modem does not have necessary chip or slot to accept a 3G Modem. You can connect a USB 3G modem to the slot and specify the connection parameters.

Now in case your ADSL broadband connection goes down, the 3G connection can act as a backup. The modem will automatically switch over to 3G connection. However, there is no provision to configure 3G connection as a metered one. So, it is recommended to use a prepaid mobile connection for this purpose.

I do not have a 3G Modem with me. However, I will get one of those modems in the coming days and update the review.

File Sharing

File sharing is a simple service that comes bundled with the ADSL modem. It is very easy to setup and access. If you have a large capacity USB drive, you can connect the drive to the modem and access the files through SAMBA share.

I love this setup, especially since it allows all family members to access files through this service. When someone takes a photo, they can just upload it to the common folder, and everyone can access the files. Yes, the files can be shared through WhatsApp messenger and likes. However, those messengers reduce the size of the photo when you post it to a group. Such issues does not arise here. Better, this works for videos with large size. You only need to download files from your local network.

Combine these features with built in DLNA Media Server on the router, you can access your audio and video files in the local network with ease.

Lightning Protection

Well, I live in an area where there is seasonal lightning. When I hear the sound of thunder, the first thing I do is to turn off the modem and computer. However, that is not enough. Sometimes, lightning strikes without a warning. I have lost at least five ADSL modems due to lightning.

This ADSL modem comes with a lightning protection that can withstand up to 6000 V. However, I am not going to risk the modem by experimenting. Yet, if lightning strikes suddenly, without a warning, then this functionality of the router will be put to test.

IPTV Ready

IPTV services are limited in India. However, this modem supports IPTV services and you can utilize the services in case you get IPTV Services in future. Ethernet port 4 acts as IPTV port. One may configure the IPTV services from the web panel.

Web Configuration

Tenda ADSL Modem Router D303 Configuration Screen

The web interface to configure Tenda Router Modem is easy to use. It is the best UI I have seen for a ADSL modem. The settings are presented in a simple manner. At the same time, you can control each and every aspect of the router through the web panel.


With increasing number of cyber attacks, it is very important to have good security options in your modem. Not just that, it is very important to have sensible and secure default settings as well. I could see sensible defaults in all aspects of the router. ICMP, Telnet, Web Panel, etc. are disabled on the WAN by default.

Having said that, I am disappointed by the one aspect of the Tenda modem router – the password rules. The modem accepts only letters, numbers and underscore in the password. No other special character is allowed. I hope that they will correct this issue through a future software update.

Software Update

Software updates are available through the website of the manufacturer. It is possible to update the software though WiFi and Ethernet connections. My earlier TP-Link modem did not allow software updates through wireless connections. Moreover, the modem allows software updates through FTP and TFTP servers as well.

Customer Service

I have not experienced this. I loved the customer service of TP-Link in India. They had a very simple replacement policy. Return the modem to the shop from where you bought it, and take a replacement with you. I am sure that such a policy had given them a lot of sticky customers. I too, have availed those services. Since I bought the modem online, I had to mail it to Mumbai and they sent me a replacement within a few days.

I hope that Tenda would also offer similar services. A partner in India provides services for Tenda products in India. The contact details of the partner are in their webpage.


Tenda TE-D303 is a solid offering from Tenda. It is worth every single rupee you spend on it. With amazing features and good WiFi coverage, you would love every aspect of this modem. The only thing I find lacking on this device is the absence of Gigabit Ethernet ports. Other than that, I love this offering. I am sure that even you will enjoy Internet access this modem.

5 Lifestyle Changes To Reduce Hypertension

Hypertension aka high blood pressure is a common lifestyle disease. Earlier, this disease was prevalent only in developed countries. However, in the last two decades, the disease has spread its wings all over the world. A common reason for increased blood pressure is the change in lifestyle including food habits, work habits, lack of exercise, etc. Before looking at methods to reduce hypertension, let us look at hypertension itself.

Hypertension In India

Hypertension is a leading cause of deaths in India, according to a study in 2013. In fact, hypertensive heart disease accounted for 2.6 lakh deaths in India each year, according to the study. Hypertension is the most common chronic disease in India. The number of people with hypertension are increasing in urban areas; whereas, in the rural areas it is still lower. According to an estimate, there were approximately 118 million affected people in India in the year 2000. By the year 2025, the number is expected to touch 214 million.

Since, hypertension is often invisible and does not exhibit easily noticeable symptoms, the disease itself is called silent killer. So it is very important to keep a check on your blood pressure levels at regular intervals.

Hypertension as a lifestyle disease

Over the past few decades, Indians have seen vast changes in every walks of life. It includes the way we eat to the way we commute to our work place. These lifestyle changes have not spared even our sleep. Let us take a look at some of those changes. We used to cook our food and eat it. Now we go to restaurants. We used to commute by train or bus. Now we take our car. Those were only a few examples. All these changes have had effect on the way our body.

How to Reduce Hypertension

There are many ways to reduce your hypertension. Taking medicines and not changing our lifestyle is the easiest way out there. However, do remember. There is a cost to it. No; I am not talking about the financial cost, rather, cost in terms of our overall well being. Taking too much medicines is not a healthy practice. Someday, those bad effects which hide inside your body will pop out of nowhere and cause you worries. So here are five things I practice.

Change Food Habits


Using less salt is the number one way to reduce your blood pressure. It is easier said than done. Every packaged food item we eat, especially those fried chips, contain good amount of salt. We may not notice this while eating. Normally we eat those items either while watching TV or talking to our friends. In either case, you focus on your primary activity – watching TV or talking.


Recent studies have suggesting that sugar intake is more dangerous than salt intake. So it is in your interest to reduce the sugar intake. By reducing the sugar intake, you get other obvious health benefits too. I reduced my sugar intake a lot.

Fiber Rich Food

Eat fiber rich food. Again you must have heard this so many times. How do I ensure that the food I eat is fiber rich? One of the easiest way is to include known fiber rich food in your diet. Include some food items like lentils and broccoli in our food.

Eat Less

Most noteworthy, you should reduce the amount of food you eat. In fact, we do not realize the amount of food we eat. We need not eat a lot of food as we think. I reduced my weight from 82 kg to 70 kg in four months. Without any additional exercise. It is that easy. Just reduce the amount of food. I tried fasting. It did not work. I am sharing with you what worked for me.

Change Entertainment Habits

Know that television is our number one enemy. It forces us to stay in one place, eat more, reduces our sleep, etc. I know that it is difficult to change the habits. Yes, even I used to spend a lot of time in front of television. When I used to come back from work, I used to switch on the television and spend a lot of time in front of it.

Less Television Time

What we see and hear daily impacts our thoughts. The impact can be either positive or negative. In case of television, it is mostly negative. I would narrate how it affects negatively. And, it affects men, women and kids in different ways.

Men mostly watches sports and news. Those watching sports like cricket spend a lot of time in front of the television sets. Yes, it is an entertainment medium. However, it makes us lazy. Someone else is paid for our time. In case of news, the anchors tell us their version of a story and silently force us to have the same opinion as theirs. It affects us negatively.

Women mostly watch serials on television. I have tried watching some serials which my mother watches. I cannot simply digest the contents. They mostly portray a perfect woman as the protagonist. And you as a woman, expect that perfect behaviour from everyone else. It is a recipe for disaster in family life.

As a kid, I watched a lot of television. I could have spent that time better. Instead, I could have read a few works of fiction. I could have gone out with my friends.

Less Social Networking

Similar things apply for social networks as well. There are benefits, however, harms outweigh those benefits. I stopped using Facebook a few months ago and never regretted. It was one of the best decisions I have made.

You may be wondering how these things affect your hypertension. Hypertension itself is a silent killer. Televisions and social network makes silent changes in your body. You may get upset with some new story or government’s action or inaction in certain scenarios. Those things increase your blood pressure. You may not realize the change while it is happening. Now I worry less about these things and I am happy.

Change Work Habits

Every company out there tries to give you a feeling that you are the most empowered person in your role.  I too, have fallen in that trap. Empowering you gives many benefits to your employer. You think that you are empowered to do some action. With that feeling, you spend more time at work. You try to behave as if the whole company depends on your work. You begin to think that no one can replace you. If a company achieves to build that mindset inside you, they have won their battle. And, you will work forever, thinking that you are very important.

Excitement About Empowerment

Such thoughts about empowerment, in fact does not reduce your hypertension. It increases your blood pressure and pushes you to spend more time at work. However, I am not saying that you should not be loyal to your employer. When you put too much effort into something not worth it, the line between exploitation and your commitment becomes thin. At one stage, it becomes non-existent. And, by the time we realize our mistake, it will be too late.

Carrying Laptops Home

At my work, the employer used to give laptops to everyone. And, we were not allowed to keep laptops at office. We had to carry it home and bring back next day. And when you have your office with you 24×7, you can work 24×7 as well, if needed. When I go back, I had to carry the laptop. It added a few kilograms to my backpack and often hurt me. When I realized what was happening with me, I spoke to my manager and got permission to keep my laptop at office. I told him that since I stay close to office, I could reach office in case there is something which requires my urgent attention. He agreed.

Sitting Continuously

Unless your job involves frequent travelling, chances are that you spend much of your time working on a computer sitting on the same chair four hours on end. You may not realize the damage you have done to your body, until it is too late. So get up and start walking. When you call some informal meetings, do not sit and discuss. Stand up and discuss. Use a whiteboard to draw something and explain your thoughts. Physical actions always help.

Once upon a time, when I was on a junior role in a company, I used to think that I was the most important guy. That did not cost me much, but I realized how I was being exploited by my employer. However, I could figure out the wrong signals before it was too late. Similarly, I used to sit on the chair for a long time and work continuously. Although my productivity was very high at those periods, my heath began taking a toll. It took me a few visits to a doctor to get things in order.

Change Travel Habits

We commute to our workplace on a daily basis. Almost everyday, we take the most comfortable option to travel. It is okay to choose a comfortable option to travel. At times, you can take one of those uncomfortable option too. Just for a change. It gives you a different perspective.

Morning Walk

I used to take an auto rickshaw to work every day. The workplace was just a few kilometers away. Later, when I had to shift my residence, I chose a house near to the office, just under a kilometer. That caused me some worries. I could no longer get a rickshaw. The auto drivers simply refused to take me to the office, because they could get another customer who wants to travel a longer distance. So I started walking. It was difficult, but there was no choice. It took me two weeks to get adjusted to that change.

Now I am reaping the benefits of that move. I walk for a couple of kilometers every day. That is a big achievement. I could feel the difference in a couple of months. I could feel myself healthier. When I walk to work, I could see other people. I would forget about work and concentrate on walking. Daily walking has helped me. I know that it would work for you as well. My father, used to walk every for a few kilometers. And that morning walk helped him reduce hypertension and reduce the medicine intake. And, his doctor concurred too.

Change Sleep Habits

All other bad habits I had, effectively led to less sleep. In some cases, I could feel that the quality of my sleep was not good enough. I could not feel the same excitement and freshness every morning. I still remember when I used to wake up early in the morning and asked myself – Why the hell am I working? Why isn’t today a holiday?


Yes, I know some of you may also be facing similar problems. However, do not be discouraged. If you can make at least one of the above changes in your life, then the sleep quality will improve. It is important that our mind and body gets complete rest when we sleep. In my case, it was not so for long. My next day at work always used to bother me during my sleep. Sometimes, I could even feel an uneasiness inside me.

While I made changes in four areas mentioned earlier, there is one area where I still could not make a change. I could not stop using computer before I sleep. Mostly, because that was my productive time. I could get most out of the day after my dinner. Everyone else sleeps early and I can concentrate on my work. There is no one to disturb me at night.

It has not bothered me till date. I am not sure if this is affecting me silently. I could not see any anomaly in routine medical tests.


Hypertension can kill you. In fact, it deserves the name silent killer. The first step in overcoming these issues is to accept the fact that we have hypertension. There is no point in telling ourselves that whatever difficulty we face are temporary and you can change it with some adjustments. However, if we do not adjust our life, we stand to loose. There is no one else to blame other than yourself.

Although I was never diagnosed with hypertension, I could feel some of those pressure moments in my life. I made some adjustments in my life and thankfully it has worked out in my favour.

All of these changes I have made does not cost any money. Only my grit was required and I did no exercise. You too can change. Do not attempt to change all at once, take time. It is a long game. If the doctor has prescribed any medicines, take it religiously without fail.

In case you have high blood pressure or hypertension, it is important to monitor the blood pressure regularly. Please take a look the best blood pressure monitors available in India.

Nebulizer Machine – How to choose the best?

With increasing respiratory problems, the word nebulizer (nebuliser) has become a household name. In urban areas, it is uncommon to find a family where at least one member does not suffer from respiratory problems. Nebulizer is a machine commonly used to assist people with breathing problems. Nebulizer machine turns liquid medicine into a mist. The patient inhales the mist, receiving fast relief. You would have seen this equipment in most hospitals. Common conditions requiring use of nebulizers include asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), Cystic Fibrosis, etc. The number of people with respiratory problems have increased in the last few years.

Nebulizers assume significance because they are an effective way of administering medicines to people with breathing problems. Since breathing is an involuntary activity, the medicine can be administered to people even when they are unconscious.

Types of Nebulizers

There are two types of nebulizers – mechanical and electrical. Mechanical nebulizers, as the name implies, use mechanical power to operate. The most common kind of mechanical nebulizer is a handheld device called inhalers (Metered Dose Inhalers). The patient uses his hands to operate the inhalers. The inhalers administer a fixed amount of medicine when the patient operates the inhaler. Another kind of mechanical nebulizers called Human Powered Nebulizers (HPN). Such nebulizers find its use in remote areas where electricity is unavailable. It derives its name from the fact that another human has to generate energy required to operate the nebulizer.

Electric Nebulizers

Electric nebulizers are common and are available under various commercial names. Compressor Piston type nebulziers and ultrasonic nebulizers are common nebulizers available today. There are some situations where use of inhalers are not effective. Electric nebulizers are effective for such situations. Use of inhaler requires patient to take a deep breath and then inhale the medicine. However, it may not be possible for people with acute symptoms and breathing problems.

Compressor Piston Nebulizers

Compressor Piston Nebulizers can be easily identified by the sound it produces. It is not a silent machine and you can hear its working from the nearby rooms. This type of nebulizer pumps a steady stream of compressed air into a mixer unit, where oxygen and liquid medicine mixes together and produces mist. The mist thus produced, is inhaled by the patient using mouthpiece, mask, etc. The inhaler mask helps you breathe the mist effectively. This mask makes things easy to administer medicines to kids and infants.

The compressor sucks air from the atmosphere, compresses the air to make it cold and then pumps the air through a tube. The tube contains a medicines and special mechanism that facilitates mixture of oxygen and medicines.The mixing process atomizes the liquid medicine and turns it into mist. The mixture of air and medicine in small particle form is known as aerosol.

Jet nebulizer is another name for compressor based neblizers. This is because, the nebulizer employs a jet stream of compressed air to atomize the liquid medicines. The compressor piston based nebulizer utilizes moving parts like compressor for its operation. So, the energy needed to operate the machine is much higher and it produces more sound. The chances of malfunction are also higher. The next type of electric nebulizer machines, ultrasonic nebulizers, solve such issues.

Ultrasonic Nebulizers

Ultrasonic nebulizers are silent compared to jet nebulizers. The ultrasonic nebulizers do not have any moving parts inside them. So, it is more energy efficient and portable. Before we move on, let us understand how it works.

Ultrasonic nebulizers have a piezoelectric ceramic crystal that vibrates at very high frequencies. The vibration of the crystal at high frequencies generate enough force to atomize the liquid medicine to mist. Mist so produced, being lighter, floats and comes out through the output vent. A connected mouthpiece can help the patient inhale aerosol comfortably. The nebulizer does not have any mechanism to push the mist towards the user, like in the case of a compressor nebulizer.

The ultrasonic nebulizers are very lightweight and are portable. It can operate on batteries. The advantage is that the patient can keep the unit in his hand and inhale the mist according to his comfort. However, this is a disadvantage in certain scenarios which involve bedridden patients, infants, etc. They will not be able to keep the nebulizer in their hand in a steady state and inhale the mist. This is one reason why you will not find ultrasonic nebulizer in hospital environments. A compressor nebulizer can be used in all scenarios where an ultrasonic nebulizer is used. However, the reverse is not true.

Choosing the best nebulizer for home use

There are several factors you need to keep in mind when buying a nebulizer for home use. In the following sections, I will take a look at the most important  aspects you must keep in mind while choosing one.


This is very important. Although all nebulizers work the same way, the comfort of the patient in question comes first. Your grandmother can certainly use a nebulizer made for kids. It will work efficiently and provide the relief. However, you need to ask whether she is comfortable using it. Old people, at times, can become stubborn on their preferences. An ultrasonic nebulizer could be the best choice for an adult. It can be useful while traveling as well. However, it would be difficult to use the same machine for a bedridden patient or an infant.


If you are surprised by seeing this at the second spot, think about it. It is a critical machine. Think of a situation where someone is finding it hard to breathe and the nebulizer machine is not working. What are the alternatives? None. Unless that person has another machine handy, things are going to be bad. I’m not saying that having a lengthy warranty period guarantees working of machine every time. When a company is offering a longer period of warranty, it means that the company is confident in the machine and the probability of failure is low. In any case, I would always recommend having a backup nebulizer, if you can afford it. If you regularly use an inhaler, then it is not necessary to have a backup.


If you are looking at a nebulizer strictly for home use, then it is recommended to get a compressor piston nebulizer. However, if you are looking at a nebulizer, that you can carry in your trips, then an ultrasonic nebulizer will be the right choice. Having said that, you might want to consider the patient’s preference as well.


Some nebulizers do not come with a child mask and you may end up buying one from the local market. Similarly, a mask for child does not come with adult mask. You should consider these aspects while choosing one. Some nebulizers come without additional air filters and a storage bag. Do check the package contents before buying a nebulizer.


This is another aspect you should watch out for. In case you use the nebulizer quite frequently, then you may have to replace the air filter every 60 days. However, if you happen to live in a much more polluted area, then you may have to replace the filter early.

Final Words

Nebulizer machines are critical equipment for anyone who needs breathing assistance. You should choose the machine based on the actual requirement and taking into consideration the patient preference. Nebulizers are cheaper alternatives to handheld inhalers, for patients who use it frequently. And, buy a backup nebulizer if you can afford it and the breathing problem of the patient is acute. You shouldn’t be looking for alternatives when the patient needs breathing assistance. Finally, take a look at the best nebulizers available in India.

Best Blood Pressure Monitor In India

With increasing tensions in all walks of life and changing food habits, blood pressure for most Indians are increasing steadily. The increased blood pressure can cause severe damage to the body. The increase in blood pressure happens silently. Most people ignore the early symptoms of blood pressure and carry on with their usual work style and self treatment. It is in this scenario, a portable blood pressure monitor comes handy. Most of my family members, apart from children, have hypertension. That was the time I set out to find the best blood pressure monitor for my family. In this review, I take a look at the options I evaluated and how I selected the best.

There are two types of automatic blood pressure monitors available in the market today. They are upper arm type and wrist type. Upper arm blood pressure monitors seem to be more popular and widely accepted in the medical community. The upper arm type blood pressure monitor tends to give steady reading and perform accurately in comparison to the wrist type. That is the reason why you will never find a wrist type blood pressure monitor in a hospital. In this review, we will take a look only at the upper arm type digital blood pressure monitors available in India.

Omron HEM-7120 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron is a popular brand in health care devices. It is a Japanese company with worldwide presence. Omron HEM-7120 is one of the popular automatic blood pressure monitor machine in the world, not just India. The blood pressure machine displays both systolic and diastolic pressure and current heartbeat simultaneously. The product is designed for household use.


  • One touch operation
  • Automatic hypertension indicator
  • Body movement detection
  • Memory of the last reading
  • Irregular heartbeat detection

Package Contents

  • Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Machine – 1 No
  • Arm Cuff – 1 No
  • AA Batteries – 4 No
  • Storage Case – 1 No
  • User Manual – 1 No

The automatic hypertension indicator alerts you when the blood pressure falls outside a pre-programmed range. In this case, the pre-programmed values are 85mm/Hg for systolic and 135mm/Hg for diastolic pressure. The arm cuff provided with the monitor machine supports a circumference of 22-32cm. At 250g, the diffuser is lightweight as well.

One of the factors you need to keep in mind is that the monitor needs 4 AA size batteries. The company claims that it will last for 1000 readings. Do not mix old and new batteries. In case you do not use the blood pressure monitor for longer periods, say two months or more, then remove the batteries from the unit and keep them safe. The unit can work on AC Power as well. In case you use the monitor regularly, it is recommended to buy an AC Adapter for this unit. The AC adapter does not come bundled with the unit.

The blood pressure reading will be inaccurate if you move while the reading is being taken. The monitor machine has an indicator which blinks in case there is a body movement during the measurement. So if this indicator blinks during the movement, please sit and relax and repeat the measurement after a few minutes. Yet another good feature of the blood pressure monitor is irregular heartbeat detection. In case the unit displays the irregular heart beat icon frequently, you need to consult your doctor immediately.

For people with large arms, a separate arm cuff is available for purchase. The user manual included with the blood pressure monitor is detailed. Hence I would recommend you read the user manual cover to cover before using the blood pressure monitor machine. The blood pressure monitor comes with one year standard warranty and five year extended warranty. You should calibrate the blood pressure monitor machine once in an year, if you are a regular user. You may contact Omron call center to get help with calibration.


  • Handy features like body movement detection and automatic hypertension indicator
  • Easy to use
  • The included battery lasts for 1000 measurements
  • One year standard warranty and five years extended warranty


  • Can keep track of only the last reading
  • The pre-programmed hypertension values are not in line with Indian recommendations of 120/80mmHg

Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM-7132 is one of the most recommended automatic blood pressure monitor units available. It is easy to use and built to last. The monitor offers good accuracy in the readings taken.


  • Body movement detection
  • 60 records with date and time
  • Detects irregular heartbeats
  • Blood pressure level indication
  • Easy to fit cuff and wrapping guide
  • Average of last three readings

Package Contents

  • Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor – 1 No
  • Arm Cuff – 1 No
  • AA Batteries – 4 No
  • Storage Case – 1 No
  • User Manual – 1 No

The operation is simple. What makes this unit stand out is the arm cuff guide. There is an indicator lamp that glows green if the arm cuff is wrapped correctly. If it is wrapped correctly, then the reading will be accurate. Otherwise, there could be errors in the reading. The arm cuff fits circumference of 22-42cm.

Another nice enhancement in this model is the guest mode. When guest mode is selected, the values are not stored in memory. The company recommends re-calibration of the monitor every two years. You can contact the company to know about your local representative who can help you out with this.

The monitor comes with one year standard warranty and five years extended warranty. The user guide is detailed and contains instructions to operate the device and for its maintenance.


  • Accurate measurements
  • Cuff wrapping guide
  • Body movement detection
  • Can store 60 previous measurements
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Five year extended warranty


  • Only one user profile

Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Dr. Morepen is an Indian company that manufactures items related to healthcare. They have many models of blood pressure monitor available in the market. This is a popular blood pressure monitor. This monitor is designed for home use.


  • Supports up to four users
  • Irregular heartbeat detection
  • Auto Power Off
  • Can store up to 120 entries in memories. Useful for family use

Package Contents

  • Dr. Morepen BP One BP09 Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Arm Cuff (22-36cm)
  • Storage Case
  • User Manual

The build quality of the monitor is good. It has a black display. As mentioned in the review earlier, this product supports irregular heartbeat detection. So if the machine detects that your heartbeat variation is not normal, it will not display a result and it will altert you. One of the advantages of this machine is that it can detect heartbeats in the range of 30-180 beats/minute.

After completing the blood pressure measurement, the monitor indicates your blood pressure on a scale recommended by World Health Organisation. There is a small arrow on the blood pressure machine that indicates the level on which your pressure measurement falls. It does not have much utility rather than as a selling point. If you take your own blood pressure readings, then you know if that is high or low. Depending on the case you would normally consult your physician.

The product comes with a detailed user guide. It contains all the instructions which you should follow, while handling the device. Dr. Morepen Blood Pressure Monitor comes with one year warranty. There is an option to buy a charger for the device. Also, it is worth noting that the monitor does not bundle a charger. This monitor can save the readings along with the date and time. 30 such records can be saved under a single profile. So it can give a good overview of your blood pressure history if you monitor it on a regular basis.


  • Support for four user profiles
  • Saves date and time of the measurement
  • Detects irregular heartbeats


  • Only one year warranty
  • Body movement while taking measurement can affect the final values
  • Sometimes, the monitor produces inaccurate readings

Rossmax MJ701f Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax MJ701f Blood Pressure Monitor

Rossmax is another popular brand in healthcare devices. They are present in multiple countries and offer a wide range of healthcare devices. Since the company is present in Europe and North America, they adhere to the healthcare standards set by those market regulators. This blood pressure monitor machine is also no different. It is one of those units with high quality build and convenient operation.


  • Body movement detection
  • Real Fuzzy Technology
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detector
  • 120 record memory
  • Guest mode
  • Average of last three readings
  • One-touch operation
  • String bag
  • Patented latex-free cone cuff

Package Contents

  • Rossmax MJ701f Blood Pressure Monitor – 1 No
  • Carry bag – 1 No
  • Arm Cuff – 1 No
  • AA batteries – 4 Nos
  • User Manual – 1 No

The arm cuff bundled with the product has a circumference of 24-40cm. Real Fuzzy Technology sounds a little complicated. However, what it does is simple to understand. It adjusts the cuff pressure according to your arm size and systolic pressure. You do not need to preset any inflation level. It improves the measurement of blood pressure.

Rossmax blood pressure monitor carries two year warranty. It works on AA batteries that comes bundled with the monitor. There is a provision to connect to AC outlet with an additional adapter. The adapter is not bundled with the monitor. The product also comes with ESH and BHS certifications. It supports three user profiles and can store thirty readings for each user with date and time. There is a hypertension risk indicator which shows your risk relative to the standards.

One of the unique features of this BP monitor is its ability to connect to a computer. It connects to the computer using a special USB cable available for purchase separately. The required software can be downloaded from the company website.


  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime Calibration, with re-calibration required indicator
  • Detects body movement during measurement
  • Accurate Measurement
  • Weak battery indicator
  • PC Connectivity and free software to connect
  • Conforms to ESH, AAMI and BHS standards
  • 120 record storage memory with date and time


  • It does not have an auto-shutdown facility
  • Body movement during tests can affect the results. The monitor does not warn you about this.

Omron HEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor

Omron HEM7130 Blood Pressure Monitor is a high quality blood pressure monitor from Omron. It comes with a soft and long cuff. The cuff size is 22-42cm. This is enough for most people. On top of that, it provides some additional functionality as well.


  • Body movement detection
  • Cuff wrapping guide lamp
  • Irregular heart beat detection
  • 60 records in memory with date and time
  • Improved Accuracy with IntelliSense Algorithm

Package Contnets

  • Omron HEM-7130-L Blood Pressure Monitor – 1 No
  • Wide range soft cuff – 1 No
  • AA Batteries – 4 Nos
  • Storage Case – 1 No
  • User Manual – 1 No

The features in this BP monitor are similar to those offered by HEM-7132. However, there are some improvements as well. First, it features an Intellisense algorithm, that can improve the accuracy of the readings. Secondly, the soft wide range arm cuff supported bundled with the monitor is of excellent quality. The operation of the device is a easy with one touch reading. In addition to this, the monitor works has two other add-ons: arm cuff for minors and AC Power Adapter.


  • Improved accuracy
  • Soft and wide range arm cuff
  • Body movement detection
  • Irregular heartbeats detection
  • Availability of arm cuff for minors as an add-on
  • One year warranty and five years extended warranty


  • Relatively expensive
  • Lack of PC Connectivity option


You may choose any of the above products for your home use. These are really good products, that can serve you for a long time without any problems. While you cannot declare one unit as the best, one can certainly select a unit as best based on the value it delivers for a given price we pay. You can see from the list that Omron is dominating this category of devices. Their products have excellent build quality and superior warranty offerings. Having said that, here are my recommendations:

Best Blood Pressure Monitor in India on a budget

Best Blood Pressure Monitor with wide range arm cuff

Best Nebulizer In India Online

With increasing pollution, the number of people who get cold and breathing problems on a regular basis are increasing with each passing day. While you might have a nearby doctor or a clinic where you can take patient to, it is important to have a good nebulizer at your home. It comes in handy when someone shows problem in the middle of the night or in a situation you may not be able to go out. My father smokes and he refuses to quit that habit. The physician recommended buying a nebulizer, so that he can breath easily. So I set out to find the best nebulizer in India.

Before purchasing a nebulizer, you should understand that there are two types of nebulizers available in the market today. They are Piston Compressor Nebulizers and Ultrasonic Nebulizers. There are few technical differences between these two; however, you should know that ultrasonic nebulizers cannot replace piston compressor nebulizers in all applications. In this review, I take a look at the best nebulizers available in the Indian market.

Omron NE-C28 Compressor Nebulizer

Omron NE C28 Compressor Nebulizer For Child and Adult With Virtual Valve Technology Ensuring Optimum Medicine Delivery to the Raspiratory System

Omron is a reputed brand of medical equipment. Make no mistake, this product is not an exception. It delivers a solid package and is worth every rupee you spend. This product is well built, has multiple options for both adults and children, has an option to inhale directly using a mouthpiece, in addition to using a mask and through nose. No wonder, I find this nebulizer prominently in most hospitals and clinics. This product has a solid construction and is well suited for the regular use.

This nebulizer comes with a Virtual Valve Technology (VVT) that allows patient to seamlessly inhale medication mist. Most compressor nebulizers use a silicon valve which allows the patient to exhale without removing the mask. Such an arrangement may require constant adult supervision for children. They might swallow the valve. The virtual valve technology eliminates such a situation.

Omron NE-C28 comes with five spare air filters. The nebulizer works on AC Power. The nebulizer offers one year warranty and three years extended warranty as well.

Package Contents

  • Compressor Unit – 1 No
  • Nebulizer Kit – 1 No
  • Mouthpiece – 1 No
  • Adult Mask – 1 No
  • Child Mask – 1 No
  • Air Tube (207cm) – 1 No
  • Spare Air Filters – 1 No
  • Carrying Bag – 1 No
  • Instruction Manual – 1 No


  • No need to remove mouth piece during exhalation
  • Separate masks for adults and children
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Child friendly operation
  • Minimal wastage of medication liquid
  • Detailed instructions in the user manual
  • 3 year extended warranty after one year standard warranty


  • The nebulizer is not totally silent, due to the compressor at work
  • The supplied carrier bag can not accommodate all accessories

Check the best price on Amazon

Rossmax NA100 Piston Nebulizer

Rossmax NA100 is a piston compressor type nebulizer. It is a company based out of Switzerland. The company claims that it has a patented technology called Valve Adjustable Technology (VAT), that allows the nebulizer to provide controllable nebulization rate at consistent particle size. The nebulizer produces fine mist with excellent particle size.

The viscosity of the medication causes the particle size to be different. When the valve is fully open, the nebulization rate will be higher. This is a good setting for high viscosity liquid medicines and patients with higher breathing capacity. When the valve is closed, the nebulization rate will be lower. This setting is recommended for kids/infants with lower breathing capacity. These settings ensure that the medicine is not wasted due to higher rate of nebulization. Moreover, the company says that the product is the most beneficial to people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The nebulizer works on AC Power. The company provides three years standard warranty on the product (Amazon Product listing shows only two years warranty. However, it is clearly mentioned in the product and the manufacturer’s website that the product has three years standard warranty). The nebulizer, been made in Switzerland ensures that the equipment conforms to European Standards.

Package Contents

  • Rossmax Nebulizer Kit – 1 No
  • Air tube – 1 No
  • Air Filters – 5 No
  • Instruction Manual – 1 No
  • Adult Mask – 1 No
  • Child Mask – 1 No
  • Mouthpiece – 1 No
  • Bag – 1 No


  • Hospital grade product
  • Flow control using VAT
  • High quality materials and excellent product design
  • Three year standard warranty
  • Low particle size. You can feel the difference when the mist comes out
  • Excellent for kids and infants
  • The mouthpiece can be adjusted at different angles


  • The medicinal cup is attached to the inhaling unit. So it becomes inconvenient when you handle the product alone
  • The nebulizer can not be used in a sleeping position as it would cause medicine to leak
  • Relatively noisy, especially for infants

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Philips Sami the Seal Nebulizer

Philips is a trusted name in household appliances. Its products are known for reliability and quality. Sami the Seal Nebulizer is a unit that has the shape of a seal. The main attraction point of this nebulizer is its shape, apart from usual Philips promise of quality and reliability. The shape of the seal should attract children and keep them comfortable during the entire nebulization process. The fine mist produced by this nebulizer is of excellent quality.

As far as the nebulizers are concerned, there is no difference between those made for children and adults. The nebulization process is also the same. However, what matters is to kids are a level of comfort and engagement. The kids, facing breathing problems may not be in a situation to enjoy the seal. However, it can arouse a bit of curiosity and keep them engaged. The kids might mistake this for their toy and may want to continue to play with this toy even after nebulization.

The mask that comes with the nebulizer is a pediatric mask. In case you want to use this nebulizer for adults, then you may have to buy another mask. The company offers three year warranty on the product. The nebulizer works on AC Power.

Package Contents

  • Samy the seal compressor – 1 No
  • SideStream reusable nebulizer – 1 No
  • Tucker the turtle pediatric face mask – 1 No
  • Mouthpiece – 1 No
  • Tube – 1 No
  • Air Filters – 1 No
  • Sami bag – 1 No
  • Instruction manual – 1 No


  • Attractive design
  • Fine mist produced by the nebulizer
  • Consistent mist flow


  • There is no flow control to adjust the mist output
  • The compressor is a bit noisy

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Nulife Handyneb Pistontype Compressor Nebulizer

Handynab Nulife Pistontype Compressor Nebulizer

Nulife Handyneb is a popular nebulizer in India. This is a professional grade compressor nebulizer. According to the company website, the product has been renamed to Nutec Handyneb Nebulizer, although Amazon page still displays the old name. This is an Indian company.

The product can be wall mounted as well. On the functional front, the nebulizer offers good performance. The nebulizer offers a more silent operation compared to similar brands available online. Airflow is good too. The nebulizer is made using an anti-shock material.

Package Contents

  • Piston Compressor Nebulizer – 1 No
  • Adult Mask – 1 No
  • Child Mask – 1 No
  • Mouthpiece – 1 No
  • Nebulizer bottle – 1 No
  • Air tube (2 meter) – 1 No
  • Carry bag – 1 No
  • Wall mount kit – 1 No
  • Instruction Manual – 1 No


  • Low price
  • Good build quality
  • Low noise
  • Wall mount kit included
  • Long air tube


  • No flow control
  • No spare air filters included
  • Instruction manual not available online
  • Not battle tested like other international brands

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Citizen CUN-60 Ultrasonic Nebulizer

All the models we have considered until this point use air compression to atomize the liquid particles. However, a major disadvantage of the technology is the amount of noise it produces. Another important aspect is the power consumption and portability. The compression nebulizer is bulky and requires more power to operate. Hence, it is difficult to operate a compressor type nebulizer in a portable manner without needing AC Power.

It is in this scenario, the ultrasonic nebulizers come into limelight. They do not need a pump to generate mist. They use a solid state piezoelectric material to generate high frequency waves which split the medicine into very fine mist particles. These particles can be inhaled using the nebulizer setup for easy absorption.

Citizen CUN-60 is such an ultrasonic nebulizer. It is a product of Japan and has been designed with precision. Moreover, the nebulizer is portable and is battery operated. The nebulizer comes with clear advantage of ultrasonic technology – silent operation. You would not hear the sound of the nebulizer from a distance of two meters. This nebulizer has other many other features like three speed operation, a timer control, etc. The power consumption of the ultrasonic diffusers is the lowest.

One important aspect you have to take care while using an ultrasonic nebulizer is not to overfill the medication cup. If you overfill, the nebulization will be weak and you may not get the correct amount of mist as it should.

Package Contents

  • Citizen CUN-60 Ultrasonic Nebulizer – 1 No
  • Stand – 1 No
  • Battery – 1 No
  • Charger – 1 No
  • Bag – 1 No
  • Medication cup – 1 No
  • Connector tube for mask – 1 No
  • Adult Mask – 1 No
  • Mouthpiece – 1 No
  • Nose inhaler – 1 No


  • Excellent build quality
  • Low noise
  • Portable
  • Energy efficient
  • Fine mist


  • Expensive compared to compressor based models
  • Handheld operation may create issues with kids
  • Ultrasonic nebulizers are unable to aerosolize viscous fluids

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When it comes to nebulizers, it is hard to choose the right one. This becomes a problem for most people and they would buy one that is recommended by the local pharmacy guy. However, you need to be careful while selecting one that you would use. It is wise to buy the most popular nebulizer. Each nebulizer has its strength and weakness. Quality control process, through which the nebulizers undergo are important as well. In quality control, I would trust reputed brands from Europe or Japan.

Having said this, here are my recommendations:

Best Nebulizer In India on a budget

Although  and Rossmax NA100 Nebulizer come close in their performance, I suggest going with Rossmax NA100 Piston Nebulizer as it adheres to many European Standards and the test reports are available freely. Having said that, I must add that you cannot go wrong with either product.

Best Nebulizer For Home Use

In this case, I have considered the best nebulizer you can buy for a home use in a reasonable budget. Citizen CUN-60 Ultrasonic Nebulizer comes out as a winner, because of the ultra silent operation and portable usage. This machine works on battery power as well, making it as a good travel companion.

Best nebulizer for Babies

While you can use any nebulizer for babies, Philips Sami the seal Nebuliser is built for babies. The look of the nebulizer machine may attract babies, and keep them engaged for a while. However, if there is someone else in the family who also needs a nebulizer, then I suggest one of the alternatives mentioned above. Please note that this nebulizer comes with only a child mask. In case you want to use it for an adult, you will have to buy a separate mask.

Nebulizers are very important medical equipment for people who have breathing problems. There is no point in buying a cheap nebulizer, only to find it not working when you need it the most. So, I recommend buying a reliable product for such critical situations. And, in case the situation demands and your budget allows, I suggest you buy a backup nebulizer as well.